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Conditions of Hire 

will be between the Owner of the property and the Client. Poolside Farmhouses & Cottages Ltd. (PF&C) act as Agents for the Owners and are NOT principals. Reservations are made by the Client and accepted by PF&C on the following conditions:

The price on the Website is guaranteed.

Payments can be made in pounds sterling or euros. Please note we are unable to accept payment by credit card unless it is through PayPal. Any charges made by the Client’s bank must be paid by the Client and PF&C must receive the correct amount. All damages deposits are returned in the currency in which they are received.

Bookings will be held provisionally for one week from the date the Client informs PF&C that they wish to go ahead with the booking.
Bookings are confirmed upon receipt of the signed booking form and a non-refundable remittance, in sterling or euros, of 30% of the rental.
If a deposit is not received from the Client within a week the property will be automatically taken off “Hold” status without PF&C being obliged to inform the Client but Poolside will, in most cases, warn the Client that they are being taken off “Hold”.

Must be paid AT LEAST EIGHT WEEKS before the date the rental commences. Failure to comply could result in cancellation.
Reservations made within eight weeks of the start of the rental period require full payment at the time of booking.

Damages Deposit
In order to keep administration costs to a minimum and to help keep the rental cost to the customer down it is requested that the refundable damages deposit of £300.00 (375,00€) be paid at the same time as the balance. PF&C do not make this request for any other reason and no financial gain from holding the damages deposit is made. This deposit will be refunded as soon as possible after the end of the rental subject to breakages or damages in excess of the normal wear and tear, as assessed by the Owner or PF&C. If no breakages are reported to PF&C the damages deposit will be refunded 1 week after the end of the rental period. However, the sum reserved by this clause shall not limit the Client’s liability to the Owner.
A few of the houses have a higher deposit. Please refer to the property details.
After the Client’s departure, PF&C will endeavour to contact the Client immediately to inform them of any breakages or damage found after their departure.

Electricity & Gas Charges
These are included in the hire charge between May to September (ie. weeks shown on the price list). For reservations taken outside of this period electricity and gas charges are to be negotiated.

A limited amount of heating is included in the hire charge between May to September (ie. weeks shown on the price list). Additional means of heating are not included in the price of the rental and must be paid for separately. For reservations taken outside of this period heating charges are to be negotiated.
If the website give details of Central Heating being available at a particular property this does not mean that the cost of full use of the central heating is included in the rental price. Full use of any central heating system is charged as an extra and the Client is advised to enquire beforehand.

Additional Services – Baby-Sitting/Maid Service
Must be arranged locally between the Client and the Owner of the property or his Caretaker. The provision of such services either by the Owner, the Caretaker or a third party does not form part of this contractual relationship regarding the reservation of the property and therefore is not subject to these conditions of hire.

Cancellation by the Client
Insurance should be taken out by the Client with an insurance broker or agent. The deposit will normally be forfeit and a claim should be made against the insurance. In the event of the client cancelling the booking after confirmation the deposit will normally be forfeit even if the client makes a booking of another property with PF&C. In that event, the deposit for the alternative property must be paid. If the cancellation is made by the client because one or more of the amenities at the property is unavailable, all sums paid by the client will be returned less all expenses incurred by PF&C in connection with the booking and the cancellation thereof.
If the cancellation is received in writing by PF&C not less than EIGHT WEEKS before the commencement of the rental then the Client will not be held liable to pay the balance of the hire charge. If a cancellation is made within eight weeks of the commencement of the rental the Client will be liable to pay the balance of the rental unless the Owner re-lets the property.
It is the Client’s responsibility to make sure that any cancellation is made within the stated timescales.

Cancellation by the client due to Covid-19
There will be no refunds given for bookings that have to be cancelled due to Covid -19. The deposit has always been non-refundable and this remains the same. If the deposit has been paid and the balance payment is due, the client will have the option to either pay the balance and continue with the holiday or defer the holiday into the following year, the deposit being retained and used as a credit voucher. If the balance has been paid and the client is forced to cancel due to closure of the French borders by the French government which restricts travel to the Dordogne or Lot regions, the client will be given the opportunity to defer the holiday to the following year and the payment retained will be used as a credit voucher. No refunds will be given if anyone in the booking has not been double vaccinated and are therefore refused entry into France. No refunds will be given if the booking has to be cancelled for any other reason (such as quarantine required on return home, general illness, injury or family reasons etc). Client’s must ensure that adequate travel insurance is taken out to cover any claim needed to be made where the holiday might have to be cancelled, including due to the Covid -19 pandemic.

Personal Belongings
Including car and contents, are at the Client’s risk at all times. No responsibility can be accepted for loss or damage.
The Client is responsible for insuring his/her own contents and personal effects kept in the property for the duration of the rental.

Client’s Responsibility
The Client accepts that he is renting the property as described in the information supplied (which may include supplementary information about a particular property). The Client agrees to be a considerate tenant and to take all reasonable care of the property and contents.
The Client further agrees that they will not act in such a way that will be disruptive to neighbours or the general public whilst in the property, e.g. play loud music at unreasonable times of the day or for prolonged periods, that they will not bring animals into the property without permission from the Owner or Agent and that they will not do anything to the property that will render the Owner’s insurance void. In addition to this, the Client agrees that he will not sub-let the property or perform any illegal or immoral work at the property.
No-one who is not mentioned on the booking form may occupy the property for the period specified.
The property should be left clean and tidy at the end of the rental. Damage, particularly to electrical equipment, must be reported to the Caretaker or PF&C immediately. If not, the Client will be held responsible.
The Client agrees that the Owner reserves the right of entry to the property at any time.
The Client agrees to take out an appropriate holiday insurance that will provide satisfactory cover for the Client in the event that he has to cancel their reservation and if he causes damage to the property for which the Owner of the property makes a claim against the Client.

Swimming Pools
Provided at User’s risk and no responsibility can be accepted for injury.
With pools that have liners extra care must be taken not to damage the liner in any way by piercing or tearing.
Although all pools have the statutory alarms or fences, Children MUST be supervised at all times.
Animals must not be allowed in the swimming pools at any time.

If equipment such as TV, washing machine, dishwasher, microwave, VCR, DVD, CH, heaters, air conditioning etc. have to be withdrawn or are out of service, the Owner cannot be held responsible. Please look after this equipment as damage to any item may spoil the holiday of the next visitor.
Repairs or replacement of equipment will be made as soon as possible. It is particularly difficult to have repairs carried out during the month of August in France as many technicians are on holiday.

Satellite Television
Where available but may not include access to all channels.

Excess Cleaning
Although a final clean is included in our prices, if a house is left in an unacceptable, dirty state at the end of a tenancy the cost of extra cleaning will be deducted from the damages deposit.

Party Size
Must not exceed the maximum number specified on the website without prior consent from PF&C on behalf of the Owner, who reserve the right to refuse admittance.
All names of persons occupying the property must be entered on the booking form. PF&C must be informed immediately of any changes to these details before the Client’s arrival at the property.
The Owner reserves the right to charge for any additional persons occupying the property that have not been named on the booking form.
All persons mentioned on the booking form agree to accept the Conditions of Hire.

Arrival and Departure
The rental period shall commence at 5pm on arrival day and will finish at 9.30am on the day of departure.
The Owner is not obliged to offer the accommodation before the time stated. Flight times, however, can cause difficulties, in which case most Owners will allow luggage to be left at the property. PF&C MUST be informed before arrival so the cleaner/caretaker can be warned.
The Client shall not be entitled to remain in occupation after the time stated.

Owner’s Responsibility
The Owner agrees that the property will be as described in the details provided. The Owner further agrees to provide a property where all equipment is in good working order. In considering the standard of repair consideration must be made as to the age and character of the property.
The Owner agrees to provide a property that has been cleaned to a reasonable standard as specified by PF&C.
The Owner agrees that the Client will be left to use the property without interference as long as he performs all their obligations and responsibilities.

Cancellation by the Owner
Whilst the Owner endeavours to avoid cancellations, he must reserve the right to do so and promises only to cancel the Client’s confirmed booking where he is forced to do so as a result of circumstances beyond his control, i.e. “Force Majeure” or when the Client has failed to make all payments due in full and on time.
“Force Majeure” means any event which cannot, even with all due care, be avoided. Such events may include war or threat of war, civil strife, natural or nuclear disaster, industrial dispute, terrorist activity, fire, adverse weather conditions, unforeseen local building/road-works and all similar circumstances beyond the Owner’s control.
In the event of the Client’s reservation having to be cancelled notice will be given by PF&C immediately in writing. The Client may:-
Accept an alternative property of the same size for the same price offered by PF&C from the website details.
Accept a smaller property for a lesser price offered by PF&C from the website details and agreeing to receive a refund in respect of the price difference.
Accept a larger property at a price difference offered by PF&C from the website details and agreeing to pay the difference in price.
If PF&C are unable to provide suitable alternative accommodation from the website details or the Client finds the alternative accommodation offered unsuitable then the Client can accept a full refund from the Owner.
Compensation will not be payable and no liability beyond offering the above mentioned choices can be accepted where the Owner is forced to cancel a reservation as a result of unforeseeable and unusual circumstances which are beyond the Owner’s control, the consequences of which the Owner could not have avoided even with all due care.
PF&C are not obliged to offer alternative accommodation that is not featured in the website details.
In the unlikely event of a reservation having to be cancelled during the Client’s occupation of the property due to “Force Majeure”, regrettably the Owner will be unable to make any refund, offer any compensation or meet any costs or expenses that the Client incurs as a result.
Neither will the Owner be liable to the client for any temporary defect or stoppage in the supply of public services to the property. Under no circumstances shall the Owner’s liability to the Client exceed the amount paid to the Owner for the rental period.

Pests and Pets
Birds and insects are always present in the countryside and sometimes live in inaccessible parts of the building especially in the eaves/roofs. The Owner will attempt to eradicate them but it is sometimes impossible to do so totally. If, in the view of the Owner, pests in the living accommodation are a serious problem additional action will be taken.
Animals belonging to the Client are not permitted in any of the properties unless by prior arrangement with PF&C on the Owner’s behalf.

Website Accuracy
Details are given in good faith and PF&C try to be as accurate as possible.
The details of properties and the website are prepared in the previous summer when intentions of Owners are included. Where a significant change to a property occurs after a confirmed booking has been taken and which the Owner considers changes the fundamental nature of the property and the website details, i.e. bedroom or bathroom configuration or loss of the use of the swimming pool, PF&C will endeavour to inform the Client as soon as is reasonably possible before the Client’s arrival at the property.
If the Client finds that the significant change renders the property unsuitable, the Client will have the choice of either:-
Accepting the change.
Accepting an alternative property of the same size for the same price offered by PF&C from the website.
Accepting a larger property at a price difference offered by PF&C from the website and agreeing the pay the price difference.
Accepting a smaller property at a lesser price offered by PF&C from the website and agreeing to receive a refund in respect of the price difference.
Cancelling the reservation and receiving a full refund from the Owner of all monies paid.
PF&C are not obliged to offer alternative accommodation that is not featured on the website. In all cases, any liability for significant changes is limited to the above mentioned options. No further compensation will be paid. This does not apply to minor changes to a property for which no liability is accepted.
Where the website details/notes advise the Client to enquire about certain points the Client should act as advised.
Upon arrival should disappointment arise through the Client not having sought such information when advised to do so neither the Owner nor PF&C can be held responsible.
Whilst every effort is made to ensure the accuracy of the website and prices at the time of preparation, regrettably errors do occasionally occur.
The Client must therefore ensure they check details of their chosen property (including the price) with PF&C at the time of booking. The Client must advise PF&C immediately of any inaccuracies on the booking confirmation.

On arrival, the incoming visitors should inform PF&C, the owner or the caretaker if there are complaints. Any action needed will be taken immediately. If the Client does not inform PF&C, the owner or caretaker of any major problems with the property within 24hrs of their arrival then it will be assumed that the Client has taken the property in a good state of repair.
In the event of the Client not being able to speak to the Owner, Caretaker or PF&C immediately upon their arrival a message should be left on the answer-phone of PF&C who will call the Client back as soon as possible to discuss the problems the Client may have.
If, in the view of the Client, the action taken has been unsatisfactory the Client must submit, in writing, details of the complaints to PF&C within 21 days of the end of the rental.

This contract of hire shall be governed by English law in every particular including formation and interpretation and shall be deemed to have been made in England.
Any proceedings arising out of or in connection with this contract may be brought in any court of competent jurisdiction in England.

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